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A Collective of Sports Executives

here to work.

Think of us as your bench depth.

We provide The Assist.

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Projects are challenging. We are here to lighten the load before or between executives, we bring in leaders who can handle the work. 

We are confident and capable professionals available for consulting projects. Our first priority is always aligned with our client's. Our team provides quick access to experienced professionals who deliver results. 

With decades of experience in the sports leadership, branding, non-profit management, and entertainment expertise, we bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and relationships to each project. 

Connect with us to learn how our team and help your organization realize its potential today.


My name is Emily Jaenson:

Marketing and Partnerships Strategist, Speaker

Former MiLB GM, Major Events Sales Director, Former VP of Corporate Partnerships and proven revenue leader, TEDx Speaker, and Host of the Leadership is Female Podcast.

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Our Services

Bold Podcast Cover LIF v1 SEASON 8.png

Leadership is Female Podcast

Interviews with female leaders

to lead YOU forward in your career.

"You can't be what you can't see." Marian Wright Edelman

Listen to tips to propel your career forward by the women who are in the leadership positions in the industry. #leadershipisfemale

Want next level assistance? Join the waitlist for our mentorship program. Mentors don't grow on trees but they can be found with an assist.

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